Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2017 User Group Meeting!
Day 1 Monday, April 24

BNControl 2.8 Announced

  • The new Budgeting Tool gives you the ability to project and build your budget in a variety of different ways. Create multiple budgets for a year, budget by branch, see budget variances, print, export, and more.
  • Flex Forms - Creating and organizing forms has never been this easy. The new Flex Forms module gives you the power to create custom forms, upload forms, view form reports and create processes for better efficiency.
  • Vendor Management The new Vendor Management module is your one stop shop for managing vendor details, contacts, notes, documents, contracts, review dates, and risk assessments.
  • Audit Tracking Create audits of any type, including internal audits, third-party audits, exams, loan review and customer reviews. Track exceptions with confidence from beginning to end.
  • Scrolling Banner Announcements helps communicate important messages to all employees
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statements can now be filtered by one or more branches
  • Add percentage based incentives on successful Referrals
  • ...and more!

Success Stories

Several users gave insight into how BNControl has helped them be successful inside their financial institution.

Bob Healy (EVP / Chief Credit Risk Officer, Country Club Bank) spoke about a custom loan report for Commercial Real Estate Trends that was created using BNControl's data repository that helped his financial institution save time and money.

Jonathan Medley (AVP / Corporate Trainer, Bank of Putnam County) gave detailed insight in how Bank of Putnam County used Report 605 (Common Merchant Activity) and Report 603 (Card Activity by Merchant) to track card fraud in a matter of hours and began canceling cards to help protect customers.

Referral Tracking Breakout Session

Deb Shinabery (Vice President Sales, Farmers & Merchants State Bank) showed how their financial institution has implemented regular training and work-flow process to use BNControl's Referral Tracking.

Deb also explained and detailed how the bank uses Referral Tracking to track successful logs, pay incentives, and manage loan officer call logs.

Compliance / BSA Breakout Session

Susan Shultz (EVP / Compliance Officer, Platte Valley Bank) and Jonathan Medley (AVP / Corporate Trainer, Bank of Putnam County) spoke about how their financial institutions use the Compliance / BSA module in BNControl.

Day 2 Tuesday, April 25

New Features In-Depth

The new Vendor Management tool was demonstrated by Jonathan Medley from Bank of Putnam County. This new addition has already proven to be a great time saver in managing vendors, contacts, notes, documents, and risk assessments.

Flex Forms was discussed and demonstrated in detail by Adam Swallows. A Purchase Approval Request Form and Policy Check-Off Form were designed to show how forms can be created from scratch and how processes can be made much more efficient.

Jonathan Loftis showed how Audit Tracking can help streamline audit and exception tracking for internal audits, third-party audits, loan reviews, and customer reviews.

Loans & Deposits Breakout Session

Ann Petty (Vice President/Marketing & CRA Officer, TriStar Bank) and Lisa West (Vice President of Retail Banking, Bank of Putnam County), and Kelli Wells (Teller/PB Trainer, Legends Bank) each discussed how they use BNControl to help manage their branch loan and deposit portfolio.

Financials Breakout Session

The new budgeting tool and Financials enhancements were discussed and demonstrated by David Kinchler. We received good feedback on changes and enhancements that can be made to help with Financial Reporting.