Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2016 User Group Meeting!
Day 1 Monday, April 11

Financial Reporting Announced

BNControl delivers data about your financial institution across all lines of business, and beginning with version 2.7, Financial Reporting is now available. The first version of the new Financial Reporting module includes...

  • Customizable Balance Sheet & Income Statement
  • Yields, Costs, and Financial Ratios
  • Growth, Performance, and Portfolio Quality Summary
  • Interest Margin Analysis
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • GL Account Details & Transaction Research
  • Board Package Creator and Archive

BNControl 2.7 Enhancements

  • Referrals can now be sent a group where they can be claimed by individual users. New reports were added to show unclaimed referrals and highlight users with the most claimed referrals.
  • My Referrals page has been re-designed and moved to the BNControl home page to make more seamless to see and manage your referrals
  • Customers can now opt out of solicitation for individual referral opportunities
  • Bank Checks can now be setup to auto-generate check numbers and print the MICR information
  • Flex Letters have been added, giving your financial institution the ability to create and produce custom letters from any flex report.
  • The Photo Gallery has been completely revamped, no longer requiring the Photos to be managed on your file system. Uploaded photos are automatically resized and compressed, and can be re-ordered.
  • Market filters have been added to many reports and is now available on all standard core reports where the branch filter is enabled.
  • Officers, Branches, Markets, Opportunities, and Product drop-down filters have been enhanced with multi-select , giving you the ability to filter a report by more than a single item.
  • Account transactions can now be exported to a CSV file
  • Numerous other report enhancements, bug fixes, and more

Financials Breakout Session

A breakout session for the new Financials Module was facilitated by David Kinchler and Adam Swallows , to detail additional features, and flexibility. During the session, users learned how to manage the Financials module, and how to customize reports to fit their bank's needs.

Users also learned how to create and manage board packages. Lots of good suggestions and feedback was given during the session that will help in the continued development of the new Financials Module.

Referral Tracking Breakout Session

Anita Bearce (Platte Valley Bank of Missouri), James Feick (Nodaway Valley Bank), and Joe Neumair (McKenzie Banking Company) facilitated the Referral Tracking breakout session.

Day 2 Tuesday, April 12

Compliance Breakout Session

Jonathan Medley (Bank of Putnam County) and Stephen Harris (Bank of Yazoo City) facilitated the Compliance breakout session to discuss how BNControl helps manage their BSA program by monitoring risk-rated customers, researching large cash items, and seeing the "bigger picture" using BNControl's Global Details report.

Jonathan discussed in detail what he considers to be the four core components of the BSA program:
  • Risk Monitor List
  • Large Cash Items
  • Large Cash Items Currency Report
  • Global Details

Loans & Deposits Breakout Session

Joe Salvato (Cumberland County Bank) and Mary Beth Dorton (Cumberland County Bank) each discussed their daily work-flow and how they use BNControl to manage their loan and deposit portfolios.

Handout: Deposits Handout

BNControl Admin Breakout Session

Debbie Bella facilitated the BNControl Admin breakout session by discussing the new admin home page layout and covering what areas can be managed and customized by each Financial Institution.

Operations Breakout Session

Kayla Mitchell (American Bank & Trust) and Stacey Byers (Bank of Putnam County) facilitated the Operations breakout session.

Handout: Operations Handout

Marketing Breakout Session

David Kinchler facilitated the Marketing breakout session.

Handout: Marketing Handout
Day 3 Wednesday, April 13

Enhancement Forum

During the previous day's breakout sessions, users submitted enhancement requests and feedback related to BNControl.

BNControl is an invaluable tool for any financial institution and continues to be enhanced and changed primarily based on our users feedback. We take each enhancement request and seriously consider its value and how it can be implemented to benefit our entire customer base.


I am most impressed with how much the BNC team is willing to accommodate their clients. Not once I heard a response other than "yes, we can try to do that" or "we definitely can do that"!

- American Trust Bank

Excellent meeting. Excellent product. We appreciate your willingness to be flexible and accept feedback/suggestions for changes.

- Country Club Bank

You all always make it a meeting to want to come back to each year!

- Sumner Bank & Trust

Great group meeting! I always learn a lot!

- Platte Valley Bank

You did an amazing job in every way! We are very happy with your product and support staff.

- Kentucky Neighborhood Bank

I really appreciate the responsiveness of the Oculus team to any questions or concerns from different banks. This is really refreshing after having difficult conversations with core providers and their associated vendors.

- Bank of Yazoo