Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first user group meeting!
Day 1 Thursday, February 26

Keynote - Branding

We're excited to announce the Oculus Software Suite! Oculus Software encompasses a suite of different products that include BNControl, & aimed to improve productivity and efficiency in your financial institution.

In addition to BNControl we're happy to announce two new products - and . provides a unique toolset to help bring consistency and confidence to loan operations. delivers simplicity and convenience to your customers with Online Banking, Mobile Banking & Bill Pay.

Keynote - BNControl 2.6

The latest version of BNControl is here and comes with a slew of new features and enhancements.

  • The new Streamlined Home Page gives you quick access to the Intranet, Reporting, Favorites, Action Items, Bank Checks, Wires, Announcements and more.
  • Don't like one of our report names? Rename the report to better fit your organization.
  • Flex Reports put you in control by giving you the ability to add, remove, and re-order columns, change header names, add conditional formatting, and assign aggregates such as count, sum, average, and weighted rate on more than 100 reports.
  • Action Items put the spotlight on items that need your attention. Pick and choose which items you want to monitor such as Past Dues, Maturities, Low Balance Loans, Credit Insurance Renewals, and more!
  • Announcements have been revamped to improve communication within your organization. Users can easily see unread announcements and administrators can now upload attachments to announcements.
  • Customize your Favorites list by quickly tagging your most used reports and re-order them to fit your personal workflow.

Guest Speaker

Greg Gonzales, is the 18th commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions, who began serving in this role in 2005, and was reappointed by Governor Bill Haslam. He has served in the department since 1986. In this position, Gonzales serves as Tennessee's chief regulatory officer of all state-chartered depository and licensed non-depository financial institutions. Additionally, he has served as assistant commissioner and general counsel for the department.

Commissioner Gonzales spoke about using data and metrics to help make better decisions.


The compliance break-out session was facilitated by Jonathan Medley. Jonathan was a former BSA officer and is now the compliance officer at Bank of Putnam County and Cumberland County Bank in Cookeville, TN.

Jonathan focused on the resources that BNControl provides your bank to help manage and maintain the bank's BSA and Red Flag program.

Handout: Compliance Handout

Referral Tracking

The referral tracking break-out session was facilitated by Bobbie Stiritz. Bobbie is the Relationship Sales Manager at First Community National Bank in Cuba, MO.

Bobbie gave a firsthand account of how the referral tracking system has changed the culture within her bank. She gave examples of how utilizing the system can create buy-in throughout the entire organization.

Handout: Referral Tracking Handout

Back to Basics

A two-part session was held discussing the basics of BNControl and how it can benefit your bank. The first section of back to basics covered the general areas in BNControl including the intranet, reporting system, action items, favorites, bank checks, wires, referral tracking, and more.

Handout: Back to Basics Handout

Day 2 Friday, February 27

Back to Basics - Lending

Joe Salvato facilitated the second half of back to basics with a focus on lending. Joe is the Chief Credit Officer for Cumberland County Bank in Crossville, TN.

Joe discussed how he uses BNControl to manage his individual loan portfolio as well as helping his lenders effectively manage their individual portfolios. He also covered how he utilizes BNControl when conducting weekly loan meetings. He demonstrated various loan reports and spoke to the advantage that BNControl offers his bank in collecting past dues, and providing excellent customer service.

Handout: Back to Basics Lending Handout

Enhancement Forum

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an enhancement / change request. The enhancement forum served as a open platform to discuss your bank's request for change and enhancements.

25+ enhancements were requested and will be included in a future release of BNControl.


Great first conference! The people attending were very open to sharing ideas. The BNC staff is wonderful! I appreciate all of their hard work leading up to the conference!

I think it is very useful information to be at a convention like this. The information that is given in the structured meetings is great but it is even more useful to be able to talk with other banks on how they use the system and the tips they provide.

This was the most informative user group I have been to in my 15 years of banking. Enhancement requests were met with enthusiasm and a "we can do that" attitude. The topics covered were relevant to the masses.