Oculus Lending

Optimize & Streamline Critical Lending Operations

With consistency comes confidence. Oculus Lending brings consistency to your daily loan operations. Management can access and review the credit memos from any location within the bank.

With Oculus Lending, the loan underwriting and review processes are optimized and streamlined for greater efficiency. The result: a clearer perspective that makes everyone’s job easier.

The Oculus Lending worksheet gives you an easy and fast way to complete a credit worksheet/memo with confidence and consistency across your institution while keeping you in compliance. Our worksheet features:

  • Easy and intutive user interface
  • Flexible input allows unlimited customers, income sources, assets, and liabilities
  • Real time totals and percentages are calculated as the worksheet is completed
  • Auto-saving prevents you from losing any data
  • Easily perform "What if?" modeling
  • Collect Tax Return financials, address and document income discrepancies
  • Real time feedback shows potential problems before completing the worksheet

Loan Review

Reviewing loans and tracking exceptions has never been this quick and easy. Document the exception and see it through completion.

Oculus Lending provides a comprehensive LTV Analysis that gives you a complete picture of how cross-collateralizing affects policy and regulatory LTV limits.

  • Create simple or complex LTV analyses
  • See how cross collateralization affects the overall LTV
  • Automatically run new analysis based on new account balances
  • Track Policy, Regulatory, and Declining Value LTV Exceptions

In a moment's notice, quickly and easily see a complete loan pipeline including loans in process, booked loans, denied loans and loan exceptions. Other reports include...

  • Pending Worksheets
  • Loans Without Worksheet
  • LTV Regulatory Exceptions
  • LTV Excluded Regulatory Exceptions
  • LTV Declining Value Exceptions
  • Missing LTV Analysis
  • Community Reinvestment Act Summary
  • Loan Exceptions
  • Loan Reviews by User
  • Loan Rate Variances
  • Subprime Loans

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President / CEO
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Email: dkinchler@bncontrol.net

Client Relations

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Director of Professional Services
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